The real state sector overcomes the crisis in Spain

India-Spain Programme of Cooperation on Industrial Research & Development 2018.

Only between April and June did the number of employed persons increase by 13,000, and in interannual terms we are facing an important growth of 12.2%. In fact, there is already 18.7% more occupation in the sector than 10 years ago, if we compare the data of the second quarter with those of the same period of 2008.

We are facing a sector that has not only recovered the level of employment at the beginning of the crisis but is even measuring increases in employment above these levels.

The fact that in the previous moment to the crisis a very remarkable part of the housing that went out to the market did it already sold on plane on the part of the constructors, it did not make so necessary the intervention of real estate agencies. At present, on the contrary, a much larger proportion of the housing that is being sold in the market is managed in a much more decentralized manner, and real estate personnel are more necessary.

The recovery that the real estate is experiencing is also evident in the salaries offered. The average remuneration in the sector in 2017 was 27,959 euros, 718 euros more than the previous year.

But the salaries are even doubled compared to 2016 in the case of the Real Estate Administration, where 16,470 euros were offered to 31,903 euros. This spectacular increase is explained, according to the popular employment portal, by the proliferation of franchised establishments, with 2,650 more in just one year. As for the profiles with better salaries is that of the real estate commercial with 48,413 euros on average, thanks to the commissions that are usually paid to professionals for meeting objectives.