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MATCHING INDIA is the first intelligent and integrated business platform for Companies that provides an exclusive commercial network so that Spanish and European companies can find, connect and trade easily and effectively with Indian SMEs. It is the first and only platform integrated by European and Indian Lawyers and legally specialized in facilitating the landing of our companies in India that provides a competitive and simple vision to build a complete solution for the needs of the Companies.

We are a Spanish and European platform specialized in India to facilitate business, created from the expertise of NQAbogados /Lawyers, Pioneers in India, to accompany our clients in a simple and effective way in their international process. Our main goal is to meet the internationalization needs of our SMEs and provide a complete solution for companies abroad to connect easily and effectively with SMEs in India.

First business exchange platform  between Spain and India.

Would you like to promote your company to hundreds of Spanish companies related to your sector?

Are you looking for partners, want to manufacture in Spain or just sell across the European continent?

Do you want to sell your products or services guided by expert advise?

Register on our WEB and publish your offers and requests quickly and easily

Through the expertise of NQ Lawyers, we have created MATCHING INDIA, the first business exchange platform between Indian and Spanish companies.

Guiding Indian and Spanish companies to make use of the best business opportunities in Spain and India is the vision of the Matching India Platform. In your plans to expand your business to these two countries you need competent and trustworthy partners. Matching India Platform takes you to our business database which contains the profiles of a lot of companies where our experts can find you the best international business partners. Our experts can advise you on diverse issues as intellectual property, international taxation, EU law and standards.

Register your company, your offers and demands and we will take care of broadcasting them through our biweekly  Newsletter to various companies in Spain and Europe and to companies in Latin American countries such as Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.
Make all your contacts through our website and we will join you in your adventure!!!


The Spanish investment in Pharmaceutical and Biochemical industry grows 5.7% to 1,147 millions euros.

The pharmaceutical industry breaks its record of investment in R & D in Spain, which grows by 5.7% to 1,147 million. Figures for 2017 confirm the upward trend that started four years ago and also reflect a 7% increase in employment in this area, Almost half of the funds were allocated to projects in collaboration […]

The Eurozone had a commercial surplus of 16,500 millions euros the first semester of 2018.

The international trade of goods of the Eurozone with the rest of the world registered a surplus of 16,500 million euros last May, compared to a surplus of 19,300 million euros in the same month of 2017, as reported today by the office of Community statistics, Eurostat. The exports of the Eurozone in May were […]

Opportunities for cooperation in Biotechnology between India and Spain in 2018

#text-block-17 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } India-Spain Programme of Cooperation on Industrial Research & Development 2018. The Center for Industrial Technological Development, E.P.E. (CDTI) and the Indian Biotechnology Department (DBT), within the framework of the bilateral program they have signed on the one hand, and as part of an internationalization strategy of the EUREKA program in [...]


#text-block-18 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } India-Spain Programme of Cooperation on Industrial Research & Development 2018. Do not worry, we do the work for you !!! We offer to Spanish and Indian companies to set up meeting with interested suppliers, buyers, clients and partners. The meetings will be always prepared according to your service or good. [...]