How do we do?
The Matching India Platform brings together entrepreneurs and industries from across Spain and India. From our database, you can make a sector wise screening to find out your matching profile. You’ll be amazed at how well your local Network contact point is connected to Spain or India, and even beyond. Whichever network contact you would like to get in touch with, we will either assist you on the spot or put you in touch with our experts from our regional branch or even put at your service. Set the course for your business success in Spain and India and get in touch with our Network contact today.

How it works.
Here you can find Indian and Spanish companies from different sectors looking for new partners/distributors/buyers. How to have access to our network and database?

Follow the steps:

1.- Subscribe your company to our network and database filing the subscription form.

2.- Get free access for two months probation period to our database. To have access and being subscribed, please do not forget to fill the “subscription form” with your details.

3.- Enter your offer or demand.